Rump Session

Rump Session: FCC Opens Above 95-GHz Spectrum: Beyond 5G & Other Applications

Tuesday, 4 June 2019
BCEC Room 162AB
17:00 - 18:30

Moderator: Michael Marcus  --  FCC (Retired) & Virginia Tech

Michael Marcus  --  FCC (Retired) & Virginia Tech
Gerhard Schoenthal  --  Virginia Diodes
Josep Jornet  --  University at Buffalo, SUNY
Upkar Dhaliwal  --  Future Wireless Technologies


Abstract: As 5G gets closer to implementation reality, it's time to starting thinking about what is next.  On  March 15, 2019 the FCC took a major step on spectrum above 95 GHz to open it to both experimentation and limited immediate commercial use.  This follows earlier more limited steps by spectrum regulators in Japan and Europe.  Join a group of both technologists and spectrum policy experts to discuss how this spectrum could be used, technology options, and spectrum policy issues that need to be resolved.

The discussion will include many ideas for R&D possibilities.