3MT® Rules

The contestants selected for the IMS2019 Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Competition will be formally announced after 30 March 2019. Notification will be sent only to those who are selected as competitors.

IMS2019 Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Competition Rules

2019 is the third year of the Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Competition at IMS. The purpose of the 3MT® Competition is to showcase those students and young professionals who have distilled their highly complex, technical research into presentations accessible to non-specialists, and to video those presentations for use on IMS’s YouTube channel, attracting students to the microwave profession, and demonstrating to the general public the relevance and importance of microwaves and related technical fields.

What is 3MT®, Why is it Beneficial, How is it Judged, and How to Prepare

Three Minute Thesis Competition Submission Requirements 

1. All authors wishing to participate in the competition are required to follow the regular IMS2019 paper submission process. Papers must be identified as 3MT® Competition submissions during the electronic submission process (deadline: Wednesday, 5 December 2018). Only one 3MT® presentation per accepted paper will be allowed.

2. To be considered, the author must be a Student or Young Professional (YP); YPs are defined by IEEE as post-student members who are within 15 years of receiving their first professional degree.

3. 3MT® submissions are reviewed by the Technical Paper Review Committee (TPRC) the same as all other IMS2019 paper submissions. Only those papers that (a) are selected by the TPRC for either an oral or interactive forum presentation, (b) are self-identified as 3MT® submissions by the author(s), and (c) meet the 3MT® criteria listed here are eligible to participate in the 3MT® Competition. Contestants will be selected and recommended by the IMS2019 3MT® Competition committee from the eligible 3MT® submissions. Any accepted contestant may speak only once, with no substitutions.

4. Self-identified 3MT® candidates whose paper has been accepted by the TPRC will be invited to submit by mid-February a 30-second video presentation. This will assist the IMS2019 3MT® Competition committee in reaching its final selection of contestants.

5. 3MT® contestants will receive email notifications by early March 2019. Confirmation of receipt must be sent via email by within a week of notification to ims2019.3mt@gmail.com once the notification is received. The confirmation email should address all items requested in the email notification.

6. The 3MT® contestants will be invited to make a presentation of three minutes or less, supported only by one static slide, subject to the rules of the 3MT® Competition, in addition to their regular IMS2019 oral or interactive forum presentation. The competition is scheduled for Monday, 3 June 2019, in one of the technical session venues. 

7. 3MT® presentations will be ranked by a panel of non-specialist judges on how engaging, accessible, and compelling the contestants made their presentation. The top winners, together with an Audience Choice winner, will be announced and awards will be presented during IMS2019. It is planned to award cash prizes to the top three ranked contestants and to the Audience Choice winner.