Project Connect How To Apply

How to Apply:


Application Process:


Initiate application process

In addition, you will need to submit the following information to the Project Connect Selection Committee at

1. An unofficial copy of your transcript.

2. Graduate students are required to provide a letter of reference from a faculty member, preferably the student’s advisor. Undergraduate students are required to provide a le er of reference from a person that is familiar with the student’s academic or technical background; this could be a faculty member, college advisor, manager from an industry internship, college program coordinator, etc.

3. A link to an application video that is short (roughly 2-3 minutes).

4. The link can be included in the email application. The video should not be sent – only the link; the video can be posted on an appropriate site of the applicants choosing, such as Facebook, Youtube, etc.

The video should be a self-documentary that describes your career goals and background. Your video should also explain why you are a good candidate for Project Connect and how attending the International Microwave Symposium will benefit your educational and career plans.

Please send only the link to your video (e.g. on YouTube) - do not send the video itself.

There are a limited number of students that will be accepted into the program, and students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. The first submission deadline is 11 March 2019. This deadline may be extended depending on the number of applica ons that are received. Please send application materials to:

A video has been prepared by a former Project Connect participant to help you develop a strong video for your application. See Video Now!