Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Finalists

This year’s finalists are:


Flexible Electronics: The Future for Electronic Devices (Th3B)
Yepu Cui, Georgia Institute of Technology

Space Radar for Exploring Cold and Dark Places (We2G) 
Adrian Tang, Jet Propulsion Laboratory and University of California, Los Angeles

A Radar that Doesn't Disturb Other Radars (THIF1)
Frida Stroembeck, Chalmers University of Technology

Combining 3-D Printing and Nanomaterials: Cheaper and Smarter Electronics (Th1E)
Yuxiao He, Michigan State University

Rock in the Future of 5G (We3F)
Zhijian Hao, Georgia Institute of Technology

The Mystery of Quantum Computers (Tu3E)
Benjamin Lienhard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Wall-E: A Smart Wall that Talks Back (Th3B)
Syed Abdullah Nauroze, Georgia Institute of Technology

Unveiling the Hidden Universe (Tu2D)
Mohsen Hosseini, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

A "Smart" Solution to Hand-Grip and Battery-Life Issues of Mobile Handsets (Th2H)
Haifeng Lyu, University of Central Florida

Honey, I Shrunk the Antenna! (Tu1D)
Jean Paul Santos, University of California, Los Angeles and Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division

A Tarantula's View of the Wireless 5G Power Web around Us (Th2G)
Aline Eid, Georgia Institute of Technology

Towards Etch-a-Sketch Electronics (Tu3A)
Alex Watson, Air Force Research Laboratory and UES Inc.

Chameleon Antenna: 360 Degree in One Piece (THIF1)
Dongyin Ren, State University of New York at Buffalo

Energy Harvesting: Realization of Infinite Batteries (Th3B)
Tong-Hong Lin, Georgia Institute of Technology

Efficient and Reliable Radio Systems for 5G (Tu1D)
Tushar Sharma, Princeton University

Radar Sensor for Contactless Heartbeat and Respiration Monitoring and People Localization (Tu2C)
Marco Mercuri, IMEC The Netherlands

All-in-One Mobile Device (Tu1A)
Pei-Ling Chi, National Chiao Tung University

Future Adaptable Communication and Radar Components (Tu1A)
Alexander Pham, University of Oklahoma

Making Materials Smart Using Microwaves (We3G)
Muhammad Akram Karimi, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

3D Printing 5G Electronics! (Th2B)
Mohamed Mounir Abdin, University of South Florida

Revolutionizing Remote Charging of On-Body Devices via Microwave Recycling (Th2G)
Dieff Vital, Florida International University

Shaping our Electronic Future with Liquid Metal (Th3B)
Valentina Palazzi, University of Perugia

Magnetic Nanowires for Communications and Nanomedicine (Th1E)
Yali Zhang, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities