5G Exhibitor Talk - 5G-NR Extreme Bandwidths: The need for Digital Front Ends to support 200 to 800 MHz in Mobile Devices and Remote Radio Heads

Tuesday, 4 June 2019
5G Pavilion (Booth 2000)
11:15 - 11:45

Speaker: Kevin Chuang

Company: NanoSemi, Inc.

Abstract: 5G-NR, the successor to 4G -LTE, is breaking new ground with an objective of delivering 5 Gbps to each user. To achieve this rate, 3GPP is specifying the 5G-NR component carrier to be 100 MHz as opposed to 20 MHz used in 4G/LTE. 5G-NR also has two spectrum allocations; Sub 6 GHz and mmW (millimeter wave). Wideband linearization is particularly challenging as bandwidths up to 400 MHz in Sub 6 GHz and 800 MHz in mmW bands which are made possible with carrier aggregation. NanoSemi will discuss how its digital front end firmware and intellectual property exceeds the stringent requirements of 3GPP while concurrently improving power efficiency and PA performance for mobile devices and gNodeBs (remote radio heads).