YP Informal Panel Session

Tuesday, 4 June 2019
YP Lounge
17:30 - 19:00

Abstract: Famous for innovative startups, prominent university labs and most importantly as a pioneer of modern Microwave engineering, Boston is an exceptional place for Young Professionals (YP) to network with one another and enjoy the unique culture that we have to boast. This year, the Steering Committee is focusing on providing engaging places and events for Young Professionals to feel inspired and learn valuable lessons from a diverse group of highly accomplished individuals in the field of Microwaves. Aligned with the innovative culture of Boston, the overarching theme of our YP events is how to stay inventive and competitive in a world where technology is so rapidly evolving around us.  

To spark this conversation, an informal panel session will be held at the start of the conference where attendees can speak directly with carefully selected individuals who have made significant impacts with their careers. The panelists have unique backgrounds and include a technical director at a disruptive millimeter wave startup, a prominent professor and a DARPA program manager who is also the lead developer of software defined radio framework widely used today. Our panelists encompass high achievers in hardware and software, leadership, academia, government, industry, and startups. The panel discussion will not be held in the typical ‘classroom’ setting, but rather in a more open forum space, encouraging real opportunities for connection.  

Immediately after the panel discussion, we will head off down the street to a reception at Coppersmith, which we have fully rented out. Coppersmith is a popular restaurant and bar where everyone can unwind and continue conversations with our panelists and network with other attendees. Because IMS is a one-of-a-kind opportunity where people of diverse backgrounds have access to each other, the Steering Committee is committed to making this event accessible to everyone, so it will be held later in the day and is open to all.  

And networking does not stop at these events! New to IMS2019 is a lounge area dedicated specifically to YPs. The spacious YP Lounge, situated with views of Boston’s Seaport, will be open for the entire duration of the conference, and it will be the place to go to find attendees meeting each over a lawn game, discussing a technical paper at one of the high-top tables, or just finding a comfortable spot to relax or catch up on emails. 

With these exceptional panelists and variety of exciting events planned, the Steering Committee is “wicked” excited to welcome YPs from around the world to meet and experience what Boston and IMS has to offer to the field of Microwave engineering!

Moderator: Quenton Bonds (Lead Engineer/Consultant/Speaker, NASA)

Panel Speakers:  

  1. Tom Rondeau (Program Manager, DARPA Microsystems Technology Office)
  2. Ming Yu (Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  3. Nick Kalita (Director of RF Engineering, Starry) 
  4. Isar Mostafanezhad (CEO/Founder, Nalu Scientific)                                                                                

Description: How to Be “Wicked Smart” [sm-AH-t] and Competitive with the Pace of Innovation

Click here to view the bios of the panelists