GaN for 5G Applications: FinFETs, CMOS and Vertical Transistors

Future 5G communication systems have extremely demanding specs for RF amplifier technologies. For example, more efficient amplifiers are needed at low frequencies, while the large bandwidth expected in 5G signals at Ka band requires amplifiers with unprecedented linearity. In this talk, we will study some of the new technologies that will allow GaN to play a key role in future 5G systems. This talk will first review the origins of non-linearities in GaN-based amplifiers and propose device-level solutions to improve linearity. Then, a new CMOS technology entirely made of GaN devices will be presented. The flexibility of adding CMOS control devices in close proximity with GaN power transistors is expected to render unprecendented levels of amplifier efficiency. Finally, we will also review progress on vertical RF GaN transistors, which could demonstrate the ultimate potential of this amazing semiconductor system, thanks to their superior thermal management. The talk will conclude with an outlook of the future of GaN-based electronics, a field that is quickly evolving and growing, and that it is about to be transformed by new industrial players with a strong background on silicon-based electronics.