Ultra-Wideband FMCW Radar with over 40 GHz Bandwidth below 60 GHz for High Spatial Resolution in SiGe BiCMOS

Fields of application like industrial measurement, security, and material characterization with harsh demands for high spatial resolution require radar systems with high absolute bandwidth. Hereby, close adjacent targets can be distinguished from each other. Usually those systems are designed at very high frequencies around 100GHz and above because here, sensors with high bandwidth can be designed with less effort but signal handling, antenna design and high output power is more difficult to achieve. In this work, a modern SiGe BiCMOS process was used to develop an ultra-wideband bistatic FMCW radar MMIC with over 40GHz continuous bandwidth below 60 GHz. This MMIC is the key component of the presented ultra-wideband FMCW radar system. The high bandwidth is generated by down-converting two high-frequency VCOs at around 100 GHz. This leads to a radar system that achieves ultra-wide continuous tuning range at moderate frequencies for high spatial resolution.