K-Band MIMO FMCW Radar Using CDMA for TX-Separation Based on an Ultra-Wideband SiGe BiCMOS Radar Chipset

The trend towards smaller form factor MIMO radar systems is enabled by modern SiGe BiCMOS technologies in which more functionality can be integrated into MMICs, including digital control logic beside analog low- and high-frequency circuits for signal generation, transmitting, receiving and also modulating waveforms, like in this work. Industrial measurement, automotive or security applications demand small imaging radar systems. For this purpose, a compact K-Band MIMO radar system with code-division multiplex (CDMA)-modulation for TX-separation was developed. It is based on an ultra-wideband (UWB) SiGe chipset suitable for MIMO operation which provides MMICs for signal generation of over 40 GHz bandwidth below 60 GHz, a 4-channel phase-shifting transmitter that operates between 1-30 GHz and a 4-channel receiver that operates between 1-65 GHz. Following the description of the system architecture, the SiGe MIMO chipset is explained, before 3D MIMO measurement results are presented at the end.