Surface-Volume-Surface EFIE for Analysis of 3-D Microwave Circuits in Multilayered Substrates With Finite Dielectric Inclusions

Novel formulation of the Surface-Volume-Surface Electric Field Integral Equation (SVS-EFIE) for rigorous full-wave electromagnetic analysis of composite metal-dielectric structures embedded in planar multilayered medium is proposed. Handling of multilayered medium dyadic Green's function (DGF) is based on Michalski-Zheng's mixed-potential formulation and does not require introduction of any additional components compared to those featured in the traditional mixed-potential integral equation (MPIE) formulations for the analysis of metal structures in layered medium. Characterization of microwave circuits and interconnect structures embedded in dielectric substrates featuring finite dielectric inclusions are among applications well suited for handling with the new single source integral equation formulation. Proposed methodology is validated through comparison of extracted network parameters of realistic 3D model of LTCC diplexer against those obtained with a commercial electromagnetic analysis tool.