A 25 THz FCO (6.3 fs RON*COFF) Phase-Change Material RF Switch Fabricated in a High Volume Manufacturing Environment with Demonstrated Cycling > 1 Billion Times

Two different sized layouts of four-terminal phase-change material (PCM) RF switches are presented. Both layouts have with a record high Fco of 25 THz while also having over 10 million cycles of actuation between the ON and OFF-states during accelerated pulse rate testing. Layout A, has an RON of 2.3 Ω and a COFF of 2.7 fF while Layout B has an RON of 0.82 Ω and a COFF of 7.7 fF. Likewise, record RON*COFF values of 6.2 fs and 6.3 fs, have been demonstrated for the A and B switch layouts, respectively. This new class of PCM RF switches were fabricated in a 200 mm silicon high volume manufacturing environment.