An Enhanced Large-Power S-band Injection-Locked Magnetron with Anode Voltage Ripple Inhibition

A large-power injection-locked magnetron with the anode voltage ripple inhibition was theoretically and experimentally investigated. The enhancement of injection-locking properties of a 20-kW magnetron was presented when the anode voltage ripple is varied from 4.2% to 0.6%. With the improved anode voltage ripple, phase-locking behavior of the magnetron is easier to achieve at lower injection levels and a nearly tripled locking bandwidth was observed. The phase of the magnetron has been precisely locked with a phase jitter of ±0.9°. Furthermore, the spectral intensity increased 0.9 dB at synchronized frequent point due to the spurious energy suppression. The anode voltage ripple inhibition technique provides guidance for future application of large-power amplifier and phase-controlled arrays based on magnetrons.