Highly-Integrated mm-Wave Radar Transceivers for Industrial and Consumer Applications

In this talk we discuss advanced considerations on chip design, system architecture and antenna-in-package for 60GHz fully integrated multi-channel transceiver chipsets. The main application are radar-based gesture sensors. The high bandwidth allocated at the 60GHz band enables very high resolution sensing, which, when complemented with micro-Doppler effect and time domain signal processing, offers a powerful tool for capturing complex hand movements with millimeter accuracy. We will compare the performance of the 60Ghz BiCMOS transceiver with a realization of critical blocks in an advanced nano-scale CMOS node. We will discuss the implications of the CMOS disadvantages compared to HBT on the system level performance of the radar (much higher flicker noise corner frequency is a major problem for FMCW radar applications). Finally, we will show how these can be compensated by advanced system architecture techniques.