New Antibody-Free Rare Cell Screening Platform for Cancer Diagnostics

This talk describes a high-efficiency dielectrophoresis biochip and system containing the critical thin-film-based biochip prepared through 40.68MHz VHF-PECVD and development of the full automatic rare cell screening platform. The biochip comprises ITO substrates and a photoconductive semiconductor thin film and having the functions for screening the rare cells from blood. The biochip can effectively sort particular particles (or cells) by visible light onto the surface of the thin film. The cell sorting efficiency of biochips is highly associated with the quality of the deposited semiconductor thin films; therefore, the choice of the semiconductor deposition technique is extremely critical. Additionally, I will propose the biosensor with having 40GHz bandwidth and defining a detection window at the center of the conductor line. The biosensor can rapidly analyze the dielectric properties of cancer cells while eliminating unwanted microwave parasitic effects (including dielectric of cultured medium and substrate material). The microwave biosensor can be applied in in-vitro diagnostics (IVD), particularly in the field of prognosis.