Electromagnetic Theoretical and Technological Bases for “Electroceuticals”

In the recent past the word “electroceutical” has attracted attention and investments. It is a multidisciplinary initiative for medical treatments using electric/magnetic/electromagnetic power to modulate a number of body functions controlled by neurological circuits. Of course, a wide variety of theoretical approaches, technologies and different knowledges converge onto such applications. In this presentation, the important role played by the use of suitable modelling techniques at cell and tissue level will be demonstrated, so as to understand and predict possible therapeutic effects. Furthermore, the fundamental role of wireless power transfer as a supportive technology for implants will be proved. It will be discussed how the combination of the two mentioned theoretical and technological capabilities, extended by flexible/implanted bioelectronics, nanopulses technology, and accurate tissue and organ modelling can open new perspectives to the use of RF technologies in biomedical engineering or biomedicine.