Applications of the Full-Duplex Radio Technology Beyond Wireless Communications

From academic perspective, the in-band full-duplex (IBFD) radio technology has already reached a rather mature state in the context of wireless communication applications so that R&D activities in industry are phasing out basic scientific research. Thus, in our recent works, we have been looking beyond plain data transmission and envisioning prospective emerging defense and security applications facilitated by the general same-frequency simultaneous transmit and receive (SF-STAR) capability of IBFD radios. In particular, we suggest that IBFD/SF-STAR transceivers could render a paradigm shift in defense applications in the form of a multifunction military full-duplex radio (MFDR) that integrates tactical communications, signals intelligence, and electronic warfare as well as investigate the prospects of introducing the concept to civilian/commercial security and privacy applications in the form of a radio shield.