Digital transmitter architectures for 5G and beyond

The truly digital transmitter is the last missing part to complete the fully digitized architecture in wireless networks. Providing theoretically a much better performance than all analog counterparts the digital power amplifier has still not exploited its full potential in microwaves, particularly in terms of efficiency. At the same time the common popular architectures like Doherty and Envelope Tracking approach more and more typical digital PA characteristics like bandwidth and flexibility. But with the introduction of 5G and thus massive MIMO installations the digital architecture seems to be back in the game. This talk will give an overview of the digital transmitter evolution in the last years and will discuss challenges, chances and new potentials in the “battle” with the analog world in the sub-6 GHz (GaN-based) as well as in the sub-THz (InP-based) frequency range for 5G and beyond.