High Resolution Radar Measurements for Distance Sensing and Imaging Using Compact SiGe Radar

In the last decade, modern SiGe technology enabled cheap and versatile circuits and systems even in the mm-wave frequency domain. Especially their use in FMCW Radar systems, e.g. in 77GHz automotive radar and imaging systems, enabled high performance systems even for mass market applications. Due to the demands for high spatial resolution in many applications, frequencies around 100GHz and even higher are mandatory, which is still a challenging task for cost-efficient technologies. This presentation summarizes the underlying circuit technologies as a fundamental building block for single-channel and multi-channel mm-wave systems as well as their application for high resolution measurements and imaging techniques. Interesting aspects for the implementation of the signal processing in MATLAB and embedded platforms will be addressed using sensors up to 240GHz. Imaging results for 3D material characterization and high accuracy surface reconstruction will be presented. Finally, various application examples from the industrial field such as positioning for precision machining, steel mill process control and glass fibre reinforced plastics will be given.