Integration of On-Chip and On-Board Antennas and Arrays for 100–600GHz CMOS Transceivers

As the promise of CMOS mm-wave transceivers materialize, the challenge of efficiently interfacing CMOS circuits with antennas and especially antenna arrays becomes a bottleneck for applications. In this talk we present several approaches for both on-chip and off-chip antennas. First, we show 2D implementations of W-band transmitting arrays using endfire on-board antennas. We then show integration of W-band and F-band CMOS amplifiers with broadside on-board antennas for reflectarray and transmit-array applications. We then present techniques for designing efficient on-chip antennas, especially for 280–600GHz transmitters in standard CMOS with up to 9dBm of radiated power and power efficiencies of up to 5%.