W-Band Antenna-in-Package and Phased Array Module Integration for Portable Polarimetric Imaging

A phased-array antenna-in-package design for 94GHz radar imaging is presented. The multi-layer organic (MLO) package incorporates 64 dual-polarized antenna elements. The design can be coupled to either four TX SiGe phased array ICs (each supporting 16 dual polarized antennas) or four SiGe RX phased array ICs. Direct antenna probing measurements on a fabricated package and full-wave electromagnetic (EM) simulation of the complete design show over 8GHz bandwidth and 2dBi gain at 94GHz. 64-element beamforming and beam steering are evaluated through EM simulations and measurements show 12-degree half-power beamwidth. A flip-chip assembly process is discussed, which improves module-level yield by attaching the package with one die that consists of four joint ICs. Module-level design considerations and results will be presented including 94GHz radar imaging measurements.