An Integrated Bistatic 4TX/4RX Six-Port MIMO-Transceiver at 60 GHz in a 130-nm SiGe BiCMOS Technology for Radar Applications

In this paper, a scalable, fully digital adjustable, bistatic 60 GHz MIMO six-port transceiver is presented. The circuit features four independent transmitters and four six-port receivers on a single chip. The reference clock frequency of 15 GHz is buffered and multiplied up to 60 GHz. The reference clock is also amplified and feed to an output port of the chip to render possible cascading multiple chips for massive MIMO applications. The chip has a size of 4mm x 3.1mm and a power consumption of 960mW from a 3.3V power supply. A minimum input power of -22dBm is needed at the input clock. The transmitters deliver a maximum output power of 9.1dBm at 60 GHz. The phase is adjustable in a range from 0 to 325.4. The successful measurement results indicate, that the MIMO six-port transceiver is well suited for radar applications.