High Isolation Simultaneous Wireless Power and Information Transfer System Using Coexisting DGS resonators and Figure-8 Inductors

For the first time, we propose a combination of coupled defected ground structure (DGS) resonators for wireless power transfer and coupled Figure-8 inductors for information transfer. This combination allows the realization of a simultaneous compact wireless power and information transfer (WPIT). Each set of the DGS resonators and the Figure-8 inductors are located on the same plane. However, they show negligible coupling due to the coupling cancellation mechanism of the Figure-8 inductors. Hence, high isolation can be achieved between the power and information channels. A prototype is fabricated for operation at 50 MHz and 100 MHz. The overall area of the TX/RX is 30 mm × 30 mm and are separated by 14 mm. The measured efficiencies are 78% and 76% at 50 MHz and 100 MHz, respectively, and the isolation is more than 34 dB.