A 140-GHz 0.25-W PA and a 55–135GHz 115–135mW PA, High-Gain, Broadband Power Amplifier MMICs in 250-nm InP HBT

Two high-gain, broadband power amplifier MMICs are reported. The first result is a 140-GHz 0.25-W PA. It utilizes 5-gain stages and 4-way power combining. S21 gain is 29.4-dB. It demonstrates over 0.21-W Pout across 110–150 GHz. 0.25-W Pout at 140-GHz requires 4-dBm Pin — the associated gain is 16-dB with 7.0% PAE. The 140-GHz OP1dB 1-dB gain compression is 171-mW with 4.9% PAE. The 3-dB S21 bandwidth (BW) is between 112–148 GHz. This result improves state-of-the-art by 65% at 140-GHz for peak SSPA power. The second PA result is a 55–135 GHz 115–135 mW PA. It utilizes 4-gain stages and 2-way power combining. Its operation fully covers WR15 (50–75 GHz) to WR08 (90–140 GHz) bands. S21 gain is 27.3-dB. The S21 fractional BW at 1-dB and 3-dB gain roll-off are 63% and 81%. Large-signal BW associated with high power and gain between 55–135 GHz is 84%. Pout variation over this span at 3-dBm Pin is only 11.2% (±13-mW). This result improves state-of-the-art for mm-wave PA’s where simultaneously high Pout, fractional BW, gain, and gain flatness are required.