A Fully Integrated S-Band 1-Watt Phased Array T/R IC in 0.13µm SOI-CMOS Technology

This paper presents a fully integrated S-band T/R IC for phased array radar applications using 0.13µm SOI-CMOS technology. It integrates all functional blocks in a traditional T/R module, i.e., T/R switch, absorptive power limiter and low noise amplifier (LNA), balanced power amplifier (PA), 6-bit digitally controlled step attenuator (DSA) and phase shifter (PS) and digital control interface. It also integrates power detector for self-diagnosis and second harmonic rejection filter for electromagnetic compliance. It draws 1.8A and achieves 31.5dBm peak output power in transmit (TX) mode and draws 0.12A and achieves noise figure (NF) of 2.5dB in receive (RX) mode respectively, with a single 3.3V power supply. The IC only occupies an area of 5.4×5.4mm².