Wireless Coherent Full-Duplex Double-Sided Two-Way Ranging (CFDDS-TWR) Approach with Phase Tracking Based Multipath Suppression for Submillimeter Accuracy Displacement Sensing

This paper presents a novel radar technology for precise position measurements (e.g. crane positioning) between two cooperating radar units that is especially suited for use in harsh industrial environments. The concept uses the novel coherent full-duplex double-sided two-way ranging (CFDDS-TWR) FMCW secondary radar concept and combines a beat frequency estimation and a coherent phase tracking even though the two cooperating radar units work incoherently. The novel CFDDS-TWR and phase tracking method allows for an efficient suppression of multipath distortions and enables a displacement measurement with a standard deviation of approx. 13 μm and improves the overall ranging accuracy compared to existing bistatic secondary radar approaches dramatically.