A 22-37 GHz Broadband Compact Linear Mm-Wave Power Amplifier Supporting 64-/256-/512-QAM Modulations for 5G Communications

Abstract—This paper presents a transformer-based broadband compact linear millimeter-wave (mm-Wave) power amplifier (PA) for fifth-generation (5G) communications. The prototype PA is implemented in a 90nm SiGe BiCMOS process. The PA achieves 17.4dB S21 at 29.2 GHz with a 3dB bandwidth (BW-3dB) from 21.8GHz to 37GHz. The PA achieves 20.9/20.3 dBm saturated output power (Psat) and 43.7/39.8% peak power added efficiency (PAE) at 24/28GHz. The P1dB and PAE at P1dB (PAEP1dB) are 20.6/19.4dBm and 41.0/38.1% at 24/28GHz. The PA demonstrates 0.6Gb/s 64-QAM signals at -25.1/-25.0dB rms error vector magnitude (EVM), 12.6/10.5dBm average Pout (Pavg), and 17.5/12.6% average PAE (PAEavg) at 24/27GHz, respectively, without digital predistortion (DPD). The PA also demonstrates 0.9Gb/s 512-QAM signals at -30.1dB rms error vector magnitude (EVM) and 8.9dBm Pavg and 10.0% PAEavg at 24GHz without DPD.