A Scalable 60GHz Tx/Rx 2×64-Element Dual-Polarized Dual-Beam Wafer-Scale Phased-Array with Integrated Dual-Transceivers

This paper presents a scalable 60 GHz 2×64-element transmit/receive (TRX) dual-polarized/dual-beam wafer-scale phased-array with integrated dual up/down converters. The entire phased-array is built as a single reticle and occupies 21×21 mm². The phased-array is based on RF beam-forming TRX channels with 5-bit phase control, 9-bit amplitude control, 1:64 nested distribution networks with amplifiers, and dual-transceivers with a shared LO path for transmit and receive modes. The high-efficiency quartz superstrate dipole antennas are electromagnetically coupled to the TRX channels using on-wafer antenna feeds, which are spaced λ/2 apart in the x- and y-directions. The 64-element array scans to ±50° and results in near ideal patterns for both polarizations in the E- and H-planes with side-lobe and cross-polarization levels <-13 dB and <-30 dB, respectively. The measured saturated EIRP is 38.5 dBm and 37 dBm for V- and H-polarizations with ~60–64 GHz 3-dB bandwidth, respectively. A communication link is also demonstrated with 64-QAM waveform achieving 4.2 Gbps at 1.25 m distance with 2.63% EVM. The phased-array is infinitely-scalable and to the best of our knowledge, this paper presents the first fully-polarimetric large-scale transmit/receive phased-array with dual transceivers.