An Improved High-Power X-Band 4×4 Tile-Type LTCC T/R Module Based on Liquid Cooling Micro-Channels

The tile-type architecture based on low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) is a useful approach to realize miniaturization of multichannel transmit-receive modules (T/R modules). However, it is a challenge to dissipate high heat for a high-power multichannel T/R module. In this paper, an improved 4×4 tile-type T/R module is proposed. The liquid cooling micro-channels structure integrated in LTCC substrate is designed and optimized to solve the problem of dissipating high-power heat. The prototype module exhibits 35 dBm of transmitting power in each channel with chip temperature below 50°C at X-band, and the heat dissipation power density of the module at least reaches 3.3 W/cm². Measurements show a receiving gain of 16 dB in each channel, a noise figure of 4 dB, a maximum attenuation error of 1.25 dB and a maximum phase shift error of 5.463°.