RF/mm-Wave FEM Applications with SOI/SiGe Processes

In this presentation, we will discuss the key technologies which can be used for mm-wave array systems. In particular, 130nm SiGe BiCMOS, 45nm partially-depleted RFSOI, and 22nm Fully-depleted SOI technologies that offer transistor performance with >300GHz Fmax, back-end-of-the-line metal system optimized for lower loss and high-volume manufacture, we will present the RF/mm-wave key characterizations of each process in device level. Targeted for different applications, like satellite communication, or 5G mm-wave application, We will discuss the mm-wave FEM design technique considerations based on the special characterizations of each process, such as LNA, switch, PA for different applications. Finally, we will present the design results of each process as an example.