A Scalable Switchable Dual-Polarized 256-Element Ka-Band SATCOM Transmit Phased-Array with Embedded RF Driver and ±70° Beam Scanning

This paper presents a scalable switchable dual-polarized 256-element Ka-band SATCOM transmit (TX) phased-array with embedded driver. The phased-array is based on 64 SiGe 8-channel TX beamformer chips and uses low-cost printed circuit board (PCB) and surface mount technology (SMT). The phased-array can transmit clockwise and counter-clockwise polarization which is suitable for Ka-band SATCOM. It demonstrates a measured 6.8° 3-dB beamwidth, +32 dBW (62 dBm) EIRP on axis, greater than 25 dB cross-polar discrimination (XPD) and the ability to scan to ±70° in all planes. The scalable nature allows for economical construction of larger phased-array without grating lobes. A compact size of 11.7 x 7.5 cm2 makes it suitable for Ka-band SATCOM portable terminals.