A 1-Bit Digital Transmitter System Using a 20-Gbps Quadruple-Cascode Class-D Digital Power Amplifier with 45nm SOI CMOS

This paper presents a 1-bit digital transmitter system with voltage-mode class-D digital power amplifiers (DPA) and an FPGA-based 1-bit modulator for the first time. The DPA employs quadruple cascode configuration with 45 nm SOI CMOS process to increase an operation voltage. The DPA exhibits output swing voltage over 3.2Vpp for 20Gbps RF-pulses under 4V with power consumption of 264mW. The 1-bit digital transmitter system with a digital transmitter IC integrating four DPAs and 4-way transformer-based power combiner covers 2.1–3.8GHz with output power of more than 100mW.