A 10–3100MHz Nested-Mode Highly Efficient Power Amplifier for Multi-Octave Applications

In this paper, a novel Nested-mode Power Amplifier (NMPAs) is proposed for highly efficient multi-octave applications. By introducing nested Guaranteed Regions (GRs) as the target design space, the difficulties caused by frequency interleaving in multi-octave PAs can be overcome. Furthermore, a generalized numerical PA model and a Monte Carlo numerical analysis is utilized to derive the theoretical nested GRs, leading to an effective design method. Based on the proposed theory and design method, a 10–3100MHz NMPA is designed. According to the measured results, the designed PA exhibits 57.5–78.1% drain efficiency and more than 38.2dBm output power across the band. To the best of our knowledge, this is the state-of-the-art performance of multi-octave broadband PAs.