A 28GHz, 2-Way Hybrid Phased-Array Front-End for 5G Mobile Applications

A 28GHz, small footprint phased-array front end module leveraging high integration capability of CMOS process and 17dBm output power with 18% efficiency of GaAs PA + SOI switch (SW) is presented. The maximum EIRP of the hybrid module for QPSK signal is 27.5dBm using 2 chains. The hybrid module dissipates 1009mW for DFT-s-OFDM QPSK uplink signal at 27dBm EIRP, saving 18.5% of a CMOS mmWave module’s PDC. A mobile terminal with the 2-way hybrid modules shows 23.3dBm EIRP at 50%-tile CDF which is 1.7dB higher than the spherical coverage with the conventional 4-way modules.