A W-Band Transmitter Channel with 16dBm Output Power and a Receiver Channel with 58.6mW DC Power Consumption Using Heterogeneously Integrated InP HBT and Si CMOS Technologies

We report a high output power transmitter and a low DC power receiver front-end channels of a phased array transceiver, designed in heterogeneously integrated 250 nm InP HBT and 130 nm Si CMOS technologies. The transmitter channel consists of a variable gain amplifier, an IQ-vector-modulator-based phase shifter, and a power amplifier. External Analog control signals are used to adjust the phase shifter and VGA states. The transmitter has a saturated output power of 16dBm at 90GHz while consuming 885mW DC power. The receiver channel uses a low noise amplifier with a similar phase shifter, and a variable gain amplifier. 4-bit DACs are implemented in the CMOS to control the phase shifter and VGA. The overall the receiver channel has ~26dB small signal gain at 58.6 mW DC power dissipation. The areas of the transmitter and receiver channels are 2.7×0.81mm² and 2.1×0.76mm² respectively.