Highly-Integrated Low-Power 60GHz Multichannel Transceiver for Radar Applications in 28nm CMOS

We present a highly-integrated low-power 60 GHz multi-channel transceiver realized in a 28 nm bulk CMOS technology. The circuit integrates three receive (RX) and two transmit (TX) channels. A receive channel includes an LNA, a passive mixer and a transimpedance amplifier (TIA), while a transmit channel contains a three-stage transformer-coupled differential power amplifier (PA). Additionally, the transceiver integrates a local oscillator (LO) signal generation network comprising a voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO), LO buffers, power splitters, frequency divider and a passive distribution network. The VCO is realized as a push-push cross-coupled topology and is continuously tunable in the frequency range 57-to-72 GHz, while achieving a measured phase noise of -84 dBc=Hz at 1 MHz offset at 60 GHz. The entire transceiver dissipates 342 mW using a single 0.9 V supply. A single RX channel draws 33 mA, while a single TX consumes 43 mA. The circuit including pads occupies a chip area of only 1.9 mm × 2.5 mm, which is limited only by the separation necessary for isolation between the channels. The transceiver provides a competitive performance and is suitable for 60 GHz continuous-wave radar applications.