A Highly Linear FMCW Radar Chipset in H-Band with 50GHz Bandwidth

In this paper we present a transmit and receive MMIC for FMCW radar. The transmitter consisting of a frequency multiplier-by-three and a power amplifier featuring a high output power of 7dBm with a 60 GHz 3-dB RF-bandwidth. The receiver is designed to be highly linear over a LO and RF bandwidth from 235 to 285 GHz. It employs a frequency tripler and a power amplifier as driver stage for a passive I/Q downconverter which enables an image reject architecture. To ensure linear operation and improve the overall receiver noise an input amplifier stage with an input referred 1-dB compression point exceeding -3dBm is also integrated. The chipset is realized in a 35nm metamorphic high electron mobility transistor technology.