The Sensor Landscape for Automated Driving

Automated driving is one of the hottest technology trends as it incorporates elements of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, internet of things, and sensors. The landscape of sensor technologies and architectures to support automated driving is rapidly evolving and in some cases hotly debated. Some of the key sensing requirements for level 4 and 5 autonomous vehicles are discussed including application classes such as localization, imaging, and safety. Sensor products to satisfy these requirements is an active area for research for startups and technology giants alike. The optimal sensing architecture is not yet established but will likely consist of a fusion of multiple sensing modalities such as camera, radar, and lidar. Some emergent technologies will be reviewed, such as metamaterials, MEMS, and MMICs, that enable many of these sensors to converge on a common set of requirements. Key challenges that remain for the industry will also be discussed from the perspectives of technology performance and industry adoption.