A 300GHz Wireless Transceiver in 65nm CMOS for IEEE802.15.3d Using Push-Push Subharmonic Mixer

This paper presents a 300GHz CMOS transceiver, which achieves a data rate of 34Gb/s. A 300GHz CMOS push-push subharmonic mixer is proposed to realize a low conversion loss of around -16.5dB with low power consumption. The proposed transceiver also achieves wireless communication in ch.13-23 (1.76Gbaud), ch.39-43 (3.52Gbaud), ch.52-53 (7.04Gbaud) and ch.59 (10.56Gbaud) defined in IEEE802.15.3d. The transmitter and receiver consume 272mW and 135mW from a 1V supply, respectively.