A 360-Degree Rotatable RF Switch (360-RS) with Embedded Conductive Micro-Particles

Reconfigurable and tunable designs which provide multi-functionality are highly desirable in wireless communication systems. Amongst different methodologies to design radio frequency switching, Static Field Micro-Particle Components (SFM-PCs) have recently gained popularity due to a lack of feeding network and lower power consumption. However, the traditional structure fails to function correctly while rotated; hence, it is not suitable for many practical applications. In this work, a novel structure for SFM-PC is presented that can undergo a 360-degree rotation. The efficiency of the proposed design was evaluated by embedding it into a host discontinuous microstrip transmission line (TL). Both HFSS simulations and measurements in the anechoic chamber show that the frequency bandwidth of several GHz over a 360-degree rotation can be obtained.