Multi-Gbps Tri-Band 28/38/60-GHz CMOS Transmitter for Millimeter-Wave Radio System-on-Chip

This paper presents the design of a novel tri-band 28-nm CMOS transmitter for the 28, 38 and 60-GHz mm-wave bands. It consists of a 4-stage power amplifier preceded by a wideband active mixer. The PA employs wideband enhancing techniques and low-loss switches to achieve the tri-band operation, as well as a linearization loop to enhance the OP1dB by more than 3.5 dB. The PA exhibits a measured gain of 22/23/12 dB in the 3 bands and a Psat higher than 10 dBm. The transmitter CG is 10/15/4 dB and it is capable of transmitting a 1.5-Gbps modulated signal. The PA and the transmitter consume 430 and 431 mW of DC power and occupy 0.87 and 1.14 mm², respectively.