Cavity Balanced-to-Unbalanced Magic-T with Filtering Response

In this paper, a design of balanced-to-unbalanced magic-T with filtering response is proposed for the first time. The function of the proposed magic-T is composed of an in-phase balanced-to-unbalanced power divider and an out-of-phase balanced-to-unbalanced power divider. Three fundamental modes, namely, TE011, TE101, and TM110, of the triple-mode resonators (TMRs) are excited to provide the odd- and even-symmetric field distributions so that in-phase and out-of-phase responses can be achieved. It is noteworthy that the common-mode suppression can be achieved at the balanced ports, while high isolation is achieved at the single-end ports. To verify the concept, the proposed balanced-to-unbalanced magic-T structure is fabricated and measured. Good matching between simulated and measured results shows the validity and accuracy of the proposed design methodology.