A Self-Packaged SISL Dual-Band Power Divider for WLAN Application with Low Loss and Compact Size

A self-packaged dual-band power divider for WLAN application with low loss and compact size is proposed. The proposed power divider uses substrate integrated suspended line (SISL) technology, and consists of two transmission lines, two coupled lines, a stepped impedance resonator (SIR), and a lumped resistor. The dual-band response is realized by using coupled lines. The isolation is enhanced by placing a resistor between two output ports. A SIR resonator is loaded at the input port to generate a transmission zero at the center frequency to improve the stopband rejection. The suspended substrate is cut out in specific shape to further reduce the dielectric loss. Moreover, the proposed dual-band power divider is analyzed using the even-/odd- mode method and its design equations are obtained. For verification, a dual-band power divider based on SISL technology operating at 2.45 GHz and 5.5 GHz is implemented. The measured results agree well with the simulated ones.