A 15–55GHz Low-Loss Ultra-Compact Folded Inductor-Based Multi-Section Wilkinson Power Divider for Multi-Band 5G Applications

This paper presents a wideband mm-Wave ultra-compact folded inductor-based Wilkinson power divider for multi-band 5G applications. The detailed circuit analysis and design equations are presented. A proof-of-concept design is implemented in GlobalFoundries 22 nm FD-SOI CMOS process with a core chip area of 190 µm × 190 µm. Over 15–55 GHz, the measurement results demonstrate that the proposed circuit achieves < 3° phase mismatch, < 0.2 dB amplitude imbalance between the two output ports, insertion loss of 3.5–4.17 dB (additional passive loss of 0.5–1.17 dB), isolation > 10 dB, and return loss > 10 dB, outperforming the state-of-the-art designs.