A Robust Detection Algorithm Using AC Characteristics of Backscatter Signal for Chipless RFID System

A robust and real-time chipless radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag detection algorithm is presented in this paper. The detection technique is based on the analysis of both amplitude and phase response of frequency domain based chipless RFID tag to identify individual bits of tags reliably. An implementation of the proposed algorithm in low-cost Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) system as chipless RFID reader provides the flexibility of using for practical applications and replaces the expensive device such as Vector Network Analyzer (VNA). The laboratory experiment is conducted on fabricated co-polar and cross-polar chipless tags on Taconic CER-10 substrate as well as printed tags on the plastic film substrate. The multiple reading results show that the proposed detection algorithm has 99% reading accuracy for co-polar and cross-polar tag and 97% for a printed tag having low resolution.