A Fine Picosecond Pulse Generator Based on Novel SRD Topology and Tapered NLTL

This paper presents a fine picosecond (ps) pulse generator based on novel step recovery diodes (SRD) topology and hybrid NLTL structure. In order to compress and sharpen the pulse, NLTL along with SRD topology is proposed and studied for pulse generation. This topology also reduces the ringing level of the pulse which is provided as well. Controlling the pulse width of the proposed generator using a single resistor is the key advantage of the proposed ps generator. Various factors affecting waveform and causing distortion are also examined. The proposed pulse generator is validated through simulation and experiment. The proposed pulse generator produces 80ps pulse having FWHM=26ps, which would become one of the best candidates for wideband radar systems and ultra-fast electronic techniques that require a fine sub-nanosecond pulse generation.