High-Power RF Characterization of Diamond Schottky Barrier Diodes at X-band

This work focuses on the unique high-frequency power-handling capabilities of diamond Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBDs). We demonstrate the design, fabrication, and large-signal RF characterization via active Load/Source-Pull (L/S-P) of a SBD on single-crystalline diamond (SCD). This is the first time a fully-integrated RF SBD has been fabricated and characterized via high-power impedance matching. The SBD was developed on a p−/p+ boron-doped SCD wafer. Active L/S-P was performed at 10 GHz for an input power of 34 dBm, attaining an output power of 33.3 dBm, yielding a loss of 0.7 dB under matching conditions and an RF power density of ~ 375 W/mm². These RF power levels are higher than those available in the literature for SBDs and show that diode large-signal characterization via active L-P can potentially play a significant role in the design of multipliers, rectifiers, and detectors that aim to deliver high Pout without thermal degradation.