Two-Stage Concurrent X/Ku Dual-Band GaAs MMIC Power Amplifier

In this work, a two-stage concurrent X/Ku dual-band MMIC power amplifier is demonstrated in a 150-nm GaAs process. A topology-specific matching technique enables high-efficiency in the two bands while also introducing intra-band and out-of-band rejection regions. The concurrent mode of operation, defined when two simultaneous input bands are amplified, is also varied over numerous input power levels to study the effect on output power, efficiency, and gain. In the CW mode of operation at 9/16.1GHz, the power amplifier achieves a power-added efficiency of 45.5/40% with a corresponding output power of 20.2/20.5 dBm and gain of 16.9/14.5 dB. In the concurrent CW mode at 9 and 16.1GHz at equal output power in the two bands, the power amplifier achieves a maximum power-added efficiency of 28.4%, with corresponding output powers of 14.3 dBm in each band and gains of 16.5 and 12.9 dB for the lower and upper frequencies, respectively.