A Single-Path Reconfigurable Frequency Multiplier for 28/39GHz Dual-Band Transceivers

This paper presents a single-output frequency multiplier, operating either as doubler or tripler for LO generation in 5G dual-band transceivers. The multiplier consists of differential pair, followed by a wideband 1-bit phase shifter that enables summation/cancellation of odd or even current harmonics. A frequency-reconfigurable driver amplifier, based on variable transmission lines, is integrated to boost the output power and signal purity. The multiplier can generate frequencies in the range of 21–23 GHz and 31.5–34.5 GHz with output power>2 dBm with a fixed 5 dBm input, while maintaining harmonic rejection of over 25 dBc. The IC is implemented in 120 nm SiGe BiCMOS process, occupies area of 0.63 mm² and consumes 60 mW.