A Quasi-Physical Large-Signal Statistical Model for 0.15µm AlGaN/GaN HEMTs Process

This paper presents a large-signal statistical model for AlGaN/GaN HEMTs process based on quasi-physical zone division (QPZD) model. The statistical characteristics of device performance can be fully modelled by four physical parameters including barrier layer thickness, electron saturated velocity, electron sheet density, and electron mobility by using this method. Twenty-four GaN HEMT devices from 4 batches with 0.15 µm gate length are used for demonstration purpose. Results show that the presented large-signal statistical model can accurately recreate the means, standard deviations and correlations of the physical parameters. The simulated statistical characteristics of the DC I-V, transconductance, pinch-off voltage of the devices also agree well with the measured samples. Besides, large signal performance of the statistical model has also been validated. The result of this paper will be helpful for circuit yield estimation based on deep submicron device process.