Travelling-Wave SIW Transmission Line Using TE20 Mode for Millimeter-Wave Antenna Application

A novel periodic substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) leaky-wave structure using TE20 mode transmission line (TL) for millimeter-wave antenna applications is proposed and studied in this paper. The electric field distribution and dispersion properties for TE20 mode SIW-TL is first studied and presented. Based on the current distribution, elliptical slots are periodically embedded on the surface of the SIW-TL, which not only achieves backward to forward continuous beam-steered boresight radiation, but also maintains good TE20 mode transmission. For experimental verification, a periodic TE20 mode SIW-TL leaky-wave antenna is fabricated. The measured and simulated results are in good agreement. The measured -10 dB bandwidth, peak gain, beam scanning range is 25.5-33.8 GHz (28.0 %), 15.4 dBi and -50° to +18° (backward to forward), respectively. It demonstrates a simple structure and good travelling wave properties with wide bandwidth, high gain, and good radiation performance, which is suitable for 5G millimeter-wave application.